RFID Tracking Solutions for Different Industries

At BCDS, we understand that there are different industries which require unique RFID tracking and NFC solutions. Over the years we have worked with a broad spectrum of markets including the healthcare and construction industry who require a reliable and secure method for managing their personnel and assets. With over 30 years of experience, we provide the most powerful and flexible solutions for optimal security, traceability and identification utilising passive and active RFID systems.

Oil & Gas/ Construction

As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, oil & gas/ construction have the most uniquely demanding environments, which can be challenging. BCDS Solutions have identified this obstacle and dedicated research into designing an RFID system that not only survives the harsh environment, but also meets the industry’s tough safety standards. Deploying the most effective asset tracking software is paramount in such a capital intensive industry to ensure productivity, maximum lifespan of assets and safety of all personnel.

  • Instantly identify valuable tools and equipment with AsTrack RFID system
  • Significantly reduce lost and misplaced equipment
  • Early identification of when new parts are to be ordered
  • Monitor personnel and improve staff safety with NFC solutions
  • Improve stocktaking and save in labour costs

Hospitality/ Education/ Government

BCDS Solutions have collaborated with some of Australia’s leading businesses in the hospitality, education and government industries including hotels and universities. It is our commitment to reliability, security and consistency, which has established us as a leading RFID and NFC solutions provider. We have identified the need to combine multiple functions into a singular card that is sturdy and easy to use, tailored to your needs.

  • Track assets and record movements in real time
  • Utilise mobile technology to access specific areas
  • Monitor personnel and improve staff safety


In the healthcare industry, RFID systems are vital to achieving operational efficiency, staff and patient safety. Research conducted by AMR estimates that every year in Australia approximately 15% of the average hospital’s mobile assets are lost or stolen during their useful life, and that a staff member wastes 30 minutes trying to locate assets every shift. Thus utilising asset tracking software to manage supplies of medical equipment and personnel is crucial to the success of the hospital.

  • Automatically locate important equipment in an emergency
  • Improve staff safety in emergency situations
  • Monitor patients’ movements in real time with personnel access RFID

Manufacturing/ Supply Chain

Efficiency is a prime success factor in the manufacturing industry. Through the implementation of RFID tags throughout the supply chain, significantly increase productivity, security and protection.

  • Increase product visibility through the supply chain
  • Improve internal processes with NFC solutions
  • Enhance equipment lifecycle

Apparel/ Retail

Having worked with a variety of Australian apparel/ retail businesses, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Our professional team at BCDS Solutions work closely with customers throughout the entire process from concept, design to production and implementation.

  • Complete regular stocktakes of inventory with Intrack RFID tracking
  • Make improved marketing decisions by capturing data in real time
  • Increase security of high volume on the shop floor
  • Create brand loyalty with gift cards, membership cards and loyalty cards

Find out more information about how the latest RFID and NFC technology can transform your Australian business by contacting BCDS Solutions.