Remotely Store Assets with the eStoreman RFID System

Asset protection on remote and mobile sites is increasingly difficult. Methods used to prevent theft and loss are insufficient and does not guarantee 100% security. This is compounded by the inability to gain accurate information on tool utilisation when charging a site for equipment rental.

eStoreman is an automated, RFID tracking mobile control unit, which manages the movement of personnel, tools and assets to and from a secure store location. It has been 100% designed, built and patented by BCDS Solutions.

Portable and Automated RFID System

It is portable and robust, making it highly suitable for deployment in remote locations such as construction and mine sites. Meticulously engineered to be inserted into the front of a shipping container, the eStoreman RFID system is easily transported by truck or a flatbed truck. It can also be caged into a larger warehouse entry. eStoreman provides separate entry and exit access control to a store’s area and mitigates the need for a storeman to be present when equipment is being transferred.

The eStoreman is Committed to Safety

Efficiently manage daily usage of your tools and high value assets by utilising the latest passive RFID tracking technology, backed by CCTV and video recordings of the entry and exit of site personnel. All transactions are logged in the application database and reports can be generated on tool status, allowing you to remotely track your assets for project budgeting and accountability. Safety is our priority as the eStoreman is fitted with weather protection and temperature control to suit all environments.

Contact BCDS to discover how the eStoreman can utilise RFID tracking to improve the traceability of your assets and reduce your labour requirements.

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