NFC Solutions

Empower your products with the latest innovation of Near Field Communication (NFC) RFID solutions. With over 70% of the market NFC enabled within smartphones and the latest iPhone 6 with NFC capability, you can strengthen your brand by connecting your consumers with your name.

Improve many areas of your business with NFC solutions, including:

  • Brand awareness
  • Building your big data
  • User competitions
  • User instructions
  • Service warranty information
  • Further purchasing information
  • Health information
  • plus anything else you can possibly think of!

Manufacturer Communicates to the User

Product information from the manufacturer to user can be easily communicated with the latest NFC technology available. Whether you want to inform the user of instructions or service warranty information, BCDS will assist in developing the best NFC solution by listening to your needs. Achieve maximised cost efficiencies while establishing a competitive advantage.

Retailer Communicates to the User

With today’s competitive business landscape, building brand awareness is more important than ever in order to stand out from the crowd. BCDS offers a broad spectrum of NFC solutions, which enables the retailer to effectively communicate their message to the end user. Connect customers to your social media platforms, YouTube channels, special offers and begin building your big data.

Advantages for the User

Through the implementation of innovative NFC technology into your business, instantly build brand loyalty. Set yourself apart from competitors as users enjoy an interactive experience through instant product information and history communicated to them.

Find out how your Australian business can benefit from NFC technology by getting in touch with BCDS.

Near Field Communications - NFC Solutions