Long Range UHF RFID Access Control

We can integrate a UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system to your legacy access control systems to greatly improve throughput and customer satisfaction. By integrating our long range boom gate readers, loyal customers no longer need to find their tag, negotiate the car close to the control box (we all know how dangerously close we need to get to reach the reader), wait in line while the car in front does the same. It is a spiral to inefficient delays to your business and your customer’s daily activities.

Achieve Optimal Efficiencies

Arriving at a carpark boom gate should be seamlessly fast and efficient for your customers in both directions. By implementing a UHF RFID system, a vehicle can be read up to 10m away for the boom gate to be raised with no need to stop and wait.

We offer both Active RFID and Passive RFID systems to benefit your Australian business:

  • Adaptable reader to work with global frequency ranges
  • RFID gate reader is connected by RFID antennas, reader, EAS sound and light alarm system and power supply
  • Suitable to multiple industries such as warehouse assets management, meeting attendance, apparel and manufacturing industries
  • Reliable and durable to overcome challenging environments

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