Professional Consultation Services by Skilled Engineers

BCDS have been involved in RFID Systems for over 14 years and have over 30 years of professional Auto-ID experience. Our skills, knowledge and experience ensure our customers receive reliable, accurate and detailed information when required. Having consulted for the likes of the Australian Department of Defence, BCDS are capable of delivering professional consultation services for any small to large size data capture projects.

Hardware implementation is often seen as one of the most vital aspects of any business project, however the systems, policies, procedures and processes are vital in ensuring the return on investment. We understand how important it is to maintain a minimum total cost of ownership, offering great value on all of our solutions.

We will help you Develop the Most Effective Solution

Our team of skilled engineers listen to all of our customers’ objectives, providing professional analysis, advice and design to develop the best solution based on your requirements. Over the years, we have successfully helped integrate RFID systems and NFC solutions into Australian businesses. From start until completion, we are here every step of the way in ensuring your solutions are effective and profitable.

Customised RFID Systems

Having a focus on both customised and commercial products, it is often difficult to decide what you need. By engaging with the BCDS team, we remain hardware agnostic to ensure our customers are provided with non-biased consultancy advice in ensuring the most appropriate integrated solution, software and hardware is implemented for any project.

We will work with you from start until completion to ensure the most effective RFID or NFC solution is implemented into your Australian business. Get in touch with BCDS Solutions to start the conversation and transform your business.