Integrated Solutions for Automated Data Capture using RFID Systems

Our solutions provide businesses with the ability to seamlessly integrate RFID tracking to identify and track key assets and inventory items, leading to higher levels of visibility and process efficiency. With real-time tracking information and the right application, you’ll always know where your critical assets are.

Why use RFID Systems and Solutions?

By using RFID tracking, the universal issues of barcoding may be addressed for advanced automated systems. These include:

  • Barcode degradation
  • Requirement for line of sight readability of barcodes
  • Limited storage ability of a barcode
  • Limited application methods of barcodes on certain assets (e.g. bearings, tools and spare parts)

Passive RFID

Passive RFID systems and solutions allow minimal cost of RFID infrastructure as the RFID tags (or transponders) do not require an internal battery. The RFID tags are energised by the electromagnetic field, which are powered by the passive RFID reader. Passive RFID tags can only be read with passive RFID readers from distances up to 10 metres away.

Active RFID

Active RFID solutions are targeted to improve read distance and accuracy whilst also permitting for telemetry inputs for sensory systems. Such telemetry inputs may include temperature, humidity, shock, door open and sensors.

How BCDS can Help You

Our RFID solution applications provide seamless automation and include:

To find out more information on how you can benefit from implementing RFID tracking into your Australian business, get in touch with BCDS solutions.

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