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Our FOX IV Print and Apply label applicators have been a reliable addition to Australian manufacturing facilities for the past 20 years.

In 2017, Auto-ID Labelling Solutions (ALS), part of the BCDS Group, was announced as Australia’s Master Distributor of all FOX IV print and apply systems due to our advanced technical expertise, regional sales and service coverage, as well as our ability to provide complete solutions from installation to consumable supplies.

There have been more than a thousand FOX IV installations in Australia alone and ALS can provide all parts and servicing for existing FOX IV equipment as well as supply new equipment, including the 2010 Series and FOX IV’s innovative Zebra based print and apply systems.

Our advantage over the market is with ALS being part of the BCDS Group we can provide a wider range of applications. We can integrate automated label applicators, and printer applicators, conveyors, barcode scanners, ink jet printers, RFID, NFC, and vision systems, scales, material handling devices, and a range of software and database platforms to communicate with legacy and commercial warehouse management systems.

“BCDS’s expertise in integrating barcode, auto-ID and RFID equipment made them an excellent fit for representing FOX IV. It was clear that that they share our commitment to our customers in Australia, New Zealand and the region. Through BCDS, FOX IV customers can continue to expect quality equipment as well as knowledgeable support and service.”

Rick Fox, Managing Director, FOX IV Technologies, Inc.

FOX IV Zebra 5410 Mini Label Printer Applicator

FOX IV Zebra 5410 Mini Label Printer Applicator

Production ready and features a 10-inch OD label roll whilst maintain most of the features of the full-sized unit while providing a cost-effective, space-saving solution for low-throughput applications. The 5410 Mini’s Uniwall design provides reduced tracking issues, silk-screen media paths to shorten downtime, swing-away cylinders for easy access, intuitive user display and dynamic rewind tension control.

FOX IV Zebra 6250 Modular Label Printer Applicator

FOX IV Zebra 6250 Modular Label Printer Applicator

Best industrial print engines make this printer applicator most reliable, whether you run one production run per day or non-stop 24/7, the 6250 is designed to provide consistent, quality labelling results with minimal operator interaction. Modular print engine swaps and increased uptime.

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