Chainway Ant-RC05 5dBi Antenna

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Chainway Ant-RC05 5dBi Antenna


Chainway Ant-RC05 5dBi Antenna possesses front-to-rear ratio, narrow side-lobe, and 5dBi gain, it can perform stably and read multi-tags under a moderate range accurately and quickly with an assurance of high data security. Visually, this antenna is small in size, light in weight, and with a low profile, making it easy to install. Meanwhile, it got a certification from IP67, which is a high protection rating. To summarize, this antenna could be of advantage in a variety of industries, such as logistics, warehousing, access control and materials management, etc.

Portable and Compact, with Superior Performance


Chainway Ant-RC05 5dBi AntennaLight Weight and Small Size Chainway Ant-RC05 5dBi AntennaFast Read & Write
Chainway Ant-RC05 5dBi AntennaInstall and Use Conveniently Chainway Ant-RC05 5dBi AntennaIP67
Logistics & Warehouse Healthcare
Electricity Access Control

Frequency Range                                                 902-928MHz / 865-868MHz
Polarization Type                                                RHCP
Gain                                                                       5dBi
3dB Beam-Width. H-Plan                                 80°
3dB Beam-Width. E-Plan                                  70°
VSWR                                                                    ≤1.3
Front to back Ratio                                             ≥17dB
Input Impedance                                                50Ω
Max Input Power                                                20W
Lightning Protection                                          DC Grounded

Connector Type                                                   SMA female
DimensionsH*W*D (mm)                                145*145*20(mm)
Weight                                                                  0.73kg(with mounting bracket)
Radome Material                                               ABS
Radome colour                                                   White
Radiant board material                                    aluminum
Operating Temperature                                    -40ºC/+60ºC
Sealing                                                                  IP67
Installation mode                                               Pole mounted or Wall mounted
Support Pole Diameter                                      φ30-φ50(mm)
Rated Wind Velocity                                          60m/s

★ Logistic & warehouse Management, Forklift commodity reading
★ Access Control
★ Production line & shelves Management
★ Material management, Healthcare, Electricity, Military equipment, Finance, Tickets, Animal Husbandry
★ High Performance, Low Front to back Ratio, narrow Sidelobe, Attractive
★ Light weight, small size, Low Profile Install and use conveniently
★ Fast read & write, no Blind zone identification Multi-tags, high performance
★ IP67
Order Description:
★865-868MHz: Ant-RC05-145/145-EU
★902-928MHz: Ant-RC05-145/145-CA
Available Accessories:
Antenna cables(optional, customizable):
Mounting sets(optional):
Pole mounting bracket: Ant-MOT-RC05-145/145-P
Wall mounting bracket: Ant-MOT-RC05-145/145-W

Installation diagram:

Pole mounted:
Fix the bracket on the antenna with M5 nut, flat washer and spring washer. Then fix the antenna on the support rod with the
U-bolt, flat washer, spring washer and fixings.

Chainway Ant-RC05 5dBi Antenna
Wall mounted:
Fix the antenna on the wall or any plane with M3*16 round head self tapping screw.

Chainway Ant-RC05 5dBi Antenna


Compatible with

Chainway URA4 RFID Reader – Android

Chainway URA8 RFID Reader – Android


More Info – Link to Manufacturers website

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