Chainway Ant-RC12 12dBi Antenna

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Chainway Ant-RC12 12dBi Antenna


Chainway Ant-RC12 12dBi Antenna – Features high sensitivity, superior reading performance, long-distance/bulk-tags reading ability, it also can ensure accuracy, speed, and high security. Meanwhile, it possesses an IP67 protection rating and good waterproofness. These parameters make the device fit perfectly for peak performance across a spectrum of industries, including intelligent transportation, warehousing, event management, production-line management, inventive retail strategies, financial management, and medical equipment management, etc.

With Outstanding UHF Performance, It Can Meet Various Applications


Fast Read & Write Install and Use Conveniently
   Long Read & Write Distance IP67
Chainway Ant-RC12 12dBi Antenna   Intelligent Transport System Chainway Ant-RC12 12dBi Antenna  Intelligent Parking Management
Chainway Ant-RC12 12dBi Antenna   Sports Event Application Chainway Ant-RC12 12dBi Antenna   Logistics & Warehouse
Chainway Ant-RC12 12dBi Antenna Healthcare Chainway Ant-RC12 12dBi AntennaElectricity

Frequency Range                                   902-928MHz / 865-868MHz
Polarization Type                                   RHCP
Gain                                                          12 dBi
3dB Beam-Width. H-Plan                    40°
3dB Beam-Width. E-Plan                    38°
VSWR                                                      ≤1.3
Front to back Ratio                               ≥17dB
Input Impedance                                  50Ω
Max Input Power                                 20W
Lightning Protection                           DC Grounded

Connector Type                                   N-Type Female
Dimensions H*W*D (mm)               445*445*30(mm)
Weight                                                   2.66kg(with mounting bracket)
Radome Material                                ABS
Radome colour                                    Off-white
Radiant board material                     aluminium
Operating Temperature                    -40ºC/+60ºC
Sealing                                                  IP67
Installation mode                               Pole mounted
Support Pole Diameter                      φ30-φ50(mm)
Rated Wind Velocity                          60 m/s


Installation diagram:

The antenna can be installed on the steel frame or pillar through its own bracket, and connected with the reader through the
coaxial line. The antenna can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on the installation orientation of the bracket.
After installation, the tilt angle of antenna can be adjusted according to the actual situation to obtain the best performance
of reading. The antenna can be used outdoors, but it is not suitable to use in acid-base environment.

1. Fix bracket to antenna with quarter US flange nut.

Ant-RC12 12dBi Panel Antenna
2. Fix the antenna on vertical steel frame or pillar with M8 * 125mm screw, washer and screw nut

Ant-RC12 12dBi Antenna


Compatible with

Chainway URA4 RFID Reader – Android

Chainway URA8 RFID Reader – Android


More Info – Link to Manufacturers website

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