Zebra MC3300x Brick Handheld Computer with Rotating Head

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Zebra MC3300x Brick Handheld Computer


The highly successful Zebra MC3300x Gun is the lightweight, versatile, key-based Android handheld computer that fits right at home in the warehouse, back of the store or the manufacturing floor. The MC33xx Series sets itself apart from the competition by offering four distinct form factors, three keyboards and our industry-leading data capture options – that can be tailored to your application needs. Take your productivity and efficiency to a new level with the MC33xx family of handheld computers. Joining the MC33xx family is the MC3300ax, bringing Wi-Fi 6 capability and more. Validated by Microsoft Teams to now run the Walkie Talkie app.


    How can you get greater productivity, efficiency and comfort from a mobile computer? The versatile MC33xx Series lets you select the right ergonomics for every use case. Choose between pistol grip, turret with rotating head, straight shooter 0º scan and 45º scan (turret and 45º scan available on MC3300x only). And every MC33xx Series model is designed with ergonomics and performance in mind.


    The MC33xx Series is purpose-built for a wide variety of environments – with different levels of performance for drop, tumble and ingress protection. You can select the best device that is optimized for your use case needs.


    Data capture is a key part of the day-to-day operation of the MC33xx Series. With its extensive selection of data capture options covering short, medium and long-range scanning, we have you covered from less than 3 in./7.62 cm all the way up to 70 ft./12.4 m




  • Zebra’s most powerful Android architecture. Speed up apps with more processing power. Get all the benefits of Android 10 — the most powerful version of Android yet. Deliver near instant application response times and unmatched roaming with dependably superior WiFi connectivity. Get unmatched value with Zebra Mobility DNA — a comprehensive ecosystem of tools that improve productivity, simplify management and app integration. And LifeGuard™ for Android™ provides security patches every day your devices are in service
  • Proven fit-for-purpose ergonomics — now even more rugged You get the unmatched ergonomics and flexibility of the MC3000 family — lightweight and ergonomically balanced for all day comfort; a choice of four form factors and three keyboard options. Now with higher rugged specifications, the MC3300x is more rugged and ready for all-day business with an increased 6 ft./1.8 m drop spec across the operating temperature range, triple the tumble spec (3,000 3.3 ft./1 m), and IP64 dustproof sealing.
  • More ways to capture more kinds of data. Short, mid or long range 1D and 2D scanning — the SE4850 scan engine does it all. Workers can capture barcodes in hand and on your uppermost warehouse racks — as far as 70 ft./21.4 m away. The new SE4770 standard range scan engine offers intuitive illumination for point and shoot simplicity. An optional 13MP
    camera captures detailed photos. And Zebra’s Multi-Barcode Scanning enables the capture of multiple barcodes with one press of the scan button.
  • Boost productivity with triple-shift battery power. When you choose the MC3300x, you get a better battery. The new 7000 mAh extended capacity battery is standard with every MC3300x — and can power the MC3300x for up to three shifts. And that’s not all. With hot swap support, workers can seamlessly change to a charged battery without a reboot. And you get a wealth of battery metrics to better manage your batteries — so you can have a smaller battery pool with fewer batteries to purchase and manage.
  • Keep using the MC3XXX accessories you have today. Backward compatibility means you get the benefits of the latest platform while using most of your existing MC3200/MC3300 accessories, including soft holsters and select batteries. And you can use your existing MC3200 charging solutions by adding an adapter cup.

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