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Asset Tracking, Identification, Counting, Analyzing, Monitoring: Businesses get the data they need to drive performance and flexibility with Xerafy’s passive UHF RFID tagging and sensing solutions, available for all types of enterprise assets ranging from small tools to large equipment.


RF identification technology has advanced over time to provide industries with sector-specific tagging solutions that perform and survive in the harshest environments. Industries use these RFID systems to automate the monitoring and tracking of the physical assets and mission-critical workflows on which their operations rely.

They leverage Xerafy’s unrivalled industry and application expertise at the service of productivity, safety, and digitization, recognizing the field-proven and cost-effective performance of its technology.

Xerafy Metal Skin

Xerafy Metal Skin Printable Labels

Xerafy METAL SKIN series offers printable versatile On/Off Metal RFID labels that are engineered for superior performance in industrial systems.

Their award-winning design ensures the thinness and flexibility required for on-site printing and programming, using RFID printers from SATO and ZEBRA.

Xerafy Rugged On-Metal Tags

As Xerafy’s leading RFID platform engineered for high temperature systems, the MICRO series offers a range of durable and reusable alternatives to barcode labels. The products have been field-proven at manufacturing facilities around the world, alongside PICO small tags and XS world’s smallest tags.

MICRO Series
Xerafy Outdoor

Xerafy  Rugged Outdoor Tags

The Xerafy OUTDOOR series tags are designed for long-range tracking and all-weather durability required for tracking shipping containers, RTI, and yard management. The hard tags are engineered to perform exceptionally in outdoor tracking systems, where distances and operational conditions cannot be controlled

Xerafy Trak Series

The Xerafy TRAK series offers cost-effective RFID asset tracking tags optimized for the Warehouse and the Factory to deliver real-time visibility for every workflow and lifecycle. Their conception leverages Xerafy’s field experience with indoor asset tracking applications and how to meet their requirements and constraints with hard tags that offer performance and durability at the right price

Xerafy Trak
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