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Industrial-grade RFID, NFC and Bluetooth® Products & Solutions

Since 2005 Confidex Smart Industries has become the trusted partner for system integrators and end-users of high performing short-range wireless products to enable Industrial IoT technologies throughout the world. Excellent service, consistent quality and reliable products are in the DNA of our company – we are dedicated to gaining a total understanding of customer requirements and providing a solution for those, no matter how complex.

Together with our technology partners we build value-adding solutions for asset management, traceability and authentication -applicable in manufacturing, supply chain, automotive and many other industries. Today, over 100 million assets are equipped with Confidex tags and labels.

We offer you a wide range of products and services for your industrial needs:

  • Standard product portfolio based on our extensive RF Design and comprehensive manufacturing experience.
  • Personalization services to make our tags and labels perfect for your specific needs.
  • Co-create with Confidex DesignStudio™ a new product for your application
Confidex Ironside


Ironside family is optimized for metallic returnable transit items and industrial assets that face varying weather conditions and rough handling. Patented antenna design with industry-leading performance and extremely robust IP68 structure (up to IP69K with Ironside Flag) is a combination that ensures smooth asset tracking in most harsh environments. Ironside family offers also various attachment methods with screws, pop rivets, industrial adhesives or welding with optional bracket. Ironside family is also available as ATEX compliant variants.


Steelwave family offers various products for indoor and outdoor applications. This innovative and durable product family offers versatile attachment methods, small footprints, flexibility and performance that will ensure the successful deployment of asset tracking projects with diverse requirements.

Confidex Steelwave
Confidex Silverline


Silverline family is the industry-leading IP68 classified on-metal label solution for demanding applications. By combining the on-metal performance of hard tags and personalization easiness of labels the Confidex Silverline family makes the usage of RFID easier and more efficient than ever. Combined with Zebra ZT410 Silverline or ZT411 On-Metal printer they offer easy-to-use solution for printing and encoding on-metal labels on demand. Silverline family comes with durable PET face material, industrial adhesive and various product sizes to meet the requirements for applications with high read range to small footprint.


Designed with the extreme reliability as the top priority. Heatwave family is the outcome of more than ten years of development of heat resistant RFID tags with proven reliability in the industrial applications including automotive paint shop



Confidex Carrier family is designed especially for plastic returnable transit item (RTI) tracking. All products can withstand washing processes while maintaining their strong grip on plastic surfaces. Labels can be printed and encoded with standard RFID printers or be ordered pre-personalized.



Confidex Go products are designed cost efficiency in mind. They are the go-to choice for fast and reliable logistics applications that require unique features such as reading from all angles, eco-friendly paper based structure, VDA compliancy for automotive parts tracking or small dimensions for challenging specialty retail categories such as sports equipment, beauty and personal care items.



Confidex Viking™ Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BLE) Industrial beacons track the location of assets and people, with optional sensors for capturing environmental data. Confidex Viking™ BLE beacons are joining passive RFID in the asset management and tracking space. It’s a new way to track that comes with trade-offs in battery life and cost against improved functionality. Confidex designed the Viking product family to be a modular BLE beacon family that raises the bar for indoor and outdoor industrial asset tracking to gain real time location and conditioning visibility. 

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