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Australia has seen a huge emergence of innovation in the label printing industry with the introduction of interactive labels. Today, the functionality of labels extends beyond just communicating a message as customers are now able to interact in a variety of ways with the brands behind their favourite products. The functionality of packaging extends beyond the purpose of protecting the product and ensuring an attractive presentation at the point of sale. Retailers can utilise the technology of NFC and RFID to create brand experiences that consumers will remember and more importantly, talk about.

Boost Branding

NLP are here to help you communicate your company’s branding and message with intelligent and interactive packaging. We have the ability to utlise RFID and NFC labels, which will enable short range communication between devices. Add a new dimension to your customer experience of offering a farm to fork video, recipe suggestions on your consumable packaging that can be loaded instantly on a mobile phone. Now that Apple have released the use of NFC functionality on their recent 2017 released phones, NFC is an excellent option of brand exposure for all brands.

Our QR Codes are also very popular as they are easier to resize and the two-dimensional barcode is easier to place on existing brand artwork. You would have noticed the usually square shaped barcode on product labels informing customers about competitions and special offers before they even reach the product.

Retailers can now add a level of security to their products

Take better control of your stocktake, storage and tracking of your products by incorporating NFC and RFID labels into your packaging. Achieve high levels of protection against theft in the supply chain and counterfeits by tracking and tracing your products along the entire supply chain.

By simply cross referencing against a product database, you can provide your customer with counterfeit protection, assuring them they are buying an authentic product. With RFID and NFC labels, your customers will be able to check whether a package contains a genuine product or has already been opened.

Interactive Labels

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