RFID Access Control - Healthcare Solutions by BCDS Group

Access control security is an important aspect of all healthcare related facilities from hospitals to aged care, in order to prevent people from wandering around in restricted areas. RFID access control not only prevents unauthorised access to restricted areas, but it provides patients, residents, hospital supplies and medicine, and medical equipment with a level of security that prevents theft and or damage.

The BCDS Team were recently selected to be part of an innovative collaboration to integrate RFID access control technology in a new trial home being built for people with intellectual disabilities. The ‘Enabled Lifestyle Blueprint’ collaboration was brought together by St John of God Health Care and Home Stay in East Victoria.

The home is now complete with the latest technology to enhance residents’ quality of life and enables them to live as independently as possible. The RFID access control allows the resident to feel safe from unwanted intruders, and the carers can provide the resident with the privacy and independence they want knowing gates and doors will automatically open and close for authorised access only.

To find out more about this amazing initiative you can download the brief here:

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