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Integrated Solutions

A reputation of having extensive industry knowledge across all verticals and the agility to provide value to all our customers, in both commercial off the shelf (COTS) and customised solution integration, which has proven to take their businesses to the next level.

The BCDS Group have successfully delivered a number of comprehensive integrated solutions across all industries which have been specifically developed and seamlessly integrated successfully, meeting all our client’s unique requirements.


ISO9001:2008 Certified for Quality Management Systems

Being ISO9001:2008 certified for Quality Management Systems, we are capable of designing and building quality systems for integration into a range of government, healthcare, warehousing and all private company systems.

Business Solutions

RFID Technology

Real-time tracking of assets is becoming more prevalent across all industries. Our ability to seamlessly integrate RFID technology will provide higher levels of visibility and process efficiency.

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Barcode Systems

Explore our wide range of inhouse Barcode Systems comprising of a network of hardware and software. We supply mobile computers, scanners, printers, labels and supporting software.

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Warehouse Solutions

Our warehouse solutions are focused on automating warehouse logistics, identifying location and real-time tracking of inventory with barcodes, RFID technologies, NFC and GPS tracking.

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Vision & Scanning

Vision and scanning systems create automated item inspection measures that assist manufacturers in producing high quality products at competitive pricing.

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Asset Management

Track and trace your assets within an office or warehouse with our industry established asset tracking software to help streamline your business functions by automating management processes.

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Inventory Management​

Inventory traceability and automated ordering systems help manage your stock more efficiently allowing you to focus on delivering your promise to your customers.

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Industry Solutions


Running a hospital is an enormous logistical challenge, for which we supply barcodes, labels, hardware and have implemented automated RFID patient and asset tracking systems.

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Explore our wide range of inhouse Barcode Systems comprising of a network of hardware and software. We supply mobile computers, scanners, printers labels and supporting software.

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Food & Beverage

Specialising in high quality labels and GS1 certified barcodes, we can improve your processes further with our wide range of Label Applicators and supporting software and hardware.

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Transport & Logistics

Real-time tracking, automated access control, condition monitoring, RFID tracking, safety and security are some of the applications we have implemented in a number of local transport and logistic companies.

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Harnessing the latest warehouse technologies resulted in the development of the Improved Stock Management Project for the Australian Department of Defence.

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Apparel & Retail

With retailers emerging into the RFID and NFC mobile technology space, we can improve your business and customer experiences whilst also supplying GS1 approved barcodes, labels and more.

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With certified Engineers within respective fields, we don’t just provide you a product, we can implement a total solution.

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