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Inventory Tracking & Management

Inventory Tracking & Management

BCDS Solutions have designed and developed an integrated RFID Inventory Tracking and Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), which implements a unique strategic approach to traditional warehousing functions, formulated around the use of multiple nested locations. Nested locations involve placing small locations into larger cartons which in turn are also locations within the warehouse, and the process is continued typically to pallet level. Australian businesses who have integrated RFID systems into their inventory management processes have significantly saved in costs from labour, human error and time spent handling products.

Enhanced Stock Management

By using customised RFID labels, security seals and state of the art RFID tracking software intelligence, the solution provides assurance to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for data integrity and accuracy. Using barcode identification as a contingency, passive and active RFID systems have been used to successfully identify items, locations and seals.

The ISM solution has been proven to reduce stocktaking time from four months (with teams of people) to less than one day (with minimal resources required) whilst ensuring 100% inventory accuracy. Achieve improved stock management through the elimination of human error, time and resources as time used to retrieve, track and monitor stock is decreased by more than 90%.

Enhanced Stock Management
Warehousing RFID

Warehouse Efficiency Optimised

Our RFID inventory tracking and warehouse management solution (WMS) will enable you to identify what stock you have and where it is located at any given time, all in an effective and very efficient manner. The optimisation of human resources that were once tied up for long periods of time can now be freed up for alternative tasks.

The ISM solution saw the implementation of rugged Motorola PDAs embedded with UHF RFID modules as well as fixed Impinj UHF RFID readers. As there were requirements to identify many types of items and locations, a range of commercially off the shelf and customised UHF RFID tags were sourced, manufactured and implemented by BCDS to international ISO18000-6C standards.

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