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Auto ID Labelling Solutions, a company purely focused on providing cutting edge automated labelling solutions from our world class manufacturers, as well as specialising in automation, vision, and data capture technologies. With the continued growth from the BCDS Group, there was a requirement to fulfil the automation sector of the business which has seen rapid changes and in need of a dedicated team of experts with many years of experience in automated labelling and data capture specialists.


Specialises in the development and manufacturing of automatic labelling equipment for industry, as well as packaging equipment and system integration around the labelling process in the production line.

FOX IV Technologies

FOX IV designs and manufactures the broadest range of printer applicators in the world with over a thousand installed locally in Australasia.

Automation & Other Packaging Machinery

Utilising some of the world's most innovative and cutting-edge technology suppliers to implement data capture, automation.

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Speak to an Auto ID Labelling Solutions expert for advice on label application and automation technologies by calling us on 1800 367 977.

“When expert industry knowledge was required with coding solutions, ALS were great to deal with. The team made our coding processes effortless to implement and efficient in application, enabling more time to focus on our core business needs.

The BCDS Group have become our one-stop shop for all our coding requirements.”

Paul Polly, CEO, Wicked Sister Desserts

Wicked Sister BCDS


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