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Quality Barcode Labels

With the latest digital printing technology, BCDS Group has their dedicated printing division, NLP, that have been able to revolutionise the design options for barcode labels. Whether you are after linear (1D), two dimensional (2D) or QR barcodes, NLP printing have it covered.

Over the years we have supplied barcode label solutions to Australian businesses from entry level to large corporations, which have included:
Barcode Labels

Quality barcode labels you can rely on

We understand the print quality of your barcode is paramount to the success of your business, which is why we only print on our high end Xeikon digital printer. With a print resolution of 1200 dpi our digital printing is crisp and clear we can print micro text suitable for food and wine labels.

The NLP Print Team are all GS1 compliant and understand the importance of barcode bars are clearly defined, printed at the right magnification and are clear of any unwanted marks or smudging.

To eliminate any errors, we have devised a system to make sure that every barcode we print is scanned for its readability requirements prior to dispatch. This step is vital when printing barcode labels for retailers and inventory and asset labels for valuable items.

Fast turnaround service

The advantage of having us supply you with blank, coloured or printed barcode labels is that we are a local printing and label manufacturing company. The flexibility of digital printing allows us to provide a fast turnaround service for your label printing.

Digital Printing

Printing barcodes on different types of materials

While most of our barcode labels and sticker printing is completed on white paper or polypropylene materials, we can also print on premium materials such as polyester and aluminium.  If your labels are applied to an area exposed to chemicals or oils, durability is essential. The substrate and material the label is printed on is also very important as scanning difficulties will occur if the substrate is inadequate. As various packaging materials reflect light differently, this can affect the barcode’s scanning capability.

We are Focused & committed

As part of BCDS Group, NLP is focused and committed to providing a personalised service ranging from a single label to large quantities,  and die-cut to any shape. At NLP we guarantee incomparable, consistent quality for large production runs by sustaining a stable internal environment.

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