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Having worked with a variety of major Australian apparel and retail businesses, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all.

BCDS Solutions has been advising, supplying and supporting retailers with everything from GS1 approved barcodes, barcode labels, barcode scanners, PDA’s, printers, NFC and RFID systems.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a here and now technology which, combines contactless smart card technology with the convenience of mobile devices. Emerging NFC Mobile technology now allows retailers and brands to improve consumer communication and engagement, and up their marketing game.

RFID in retail is becoming increasingly relevant with large international brands reporting boosts in sales due to perpetual stocktaking, allowing the retailers to replenish stock immediately, and freeing up employees time in searching and scanning products manually.

Top Trends in Retail Digital Transformation and Innovation for 2021 – Gartner Report

Details how using technologies such as RFID and Smart Check Out can drive transformative business results.

  • Strengthening store operations for flexibility in unified commerce execution
  • Enabling touchless interactions across the customer’s entire shopping process
  • Empowering store associates and scaling associate digital dexterity through human-machine collaboration
  • Transforming merchandising processes to enable highly effective planning and execution
  • Building collaborative ecosystem partnerships to flexibly scale existing business capabilities
  • Implementing cost optimization as a continuous discipline
  • Proactively anticipating and responding to change signals via AI

Read more at – – Top Trends in Retail Digital Transformation and Innovation for 2021 (

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