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Take advantage of our 35+ years across all industries including the food and beverage sector.

BCDS are leading pioneers of all barcode technologies, with the added value of our local digital printing and labels division (NLP) and, our highly experienced and industry established label applicator division (Auto-ID Labelling) allowing our clients to get everything they need from the one place.

As a group we aim to offer our customers convenience and peace of mind. Our team of highly experienced service and support technicians are readily available to go out on site if required, and having all our print production done in our local warehouse, we are able to help with any challenges your businesses are faced with.

The food sector is constantly under strict regulatory guidelines, and barcode and label requirements are always changing. Being GS1 Alliance Partners we have internal experts to assist you with getting your new DataBar Barcode Labels,, identifying your retail or non-retail barcode specifications requirements, and to help any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact out team today.

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Speak to an Auto ID Labelling Solutions expert for advice on label application and automation technologies by calling us on 1800 367 977.

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