Our Blank & Coloured Labels

Our333 best-selling labels are locally manufactured blank labels and flood coated labels in our clients’ company colours. Over the years, we have produced large amounts of high quality blank labels for many trusted Australian companies from various industries including freight and logistics, food manufacturers and the healthcare sector.

We believe a company’s branding is vital and at NLP we pride ourselves on the ability to manufacture labels in almost any suitable size, tested colour, stock or finish to suit your needs. Check out our Label Products page for some of our off-the-shelf labels that are readily available for shipping or contact our Sales Team today for any custom labels.

Label printing in all shapes and sizes

We offer a broad range of common shapes and sizes for our label printing services, printing up to 500mm wide with a label length to meet your requirements.

Whether you have an A3, A4 or A5 printer, we can provide label core sizes tailored to your printer specifications.

Print on the right material

The material you choose to print on will greatly depend on the purpose of your coloured and blank labels. While paper labels are suitable for in the office or indoor work and are cost-effective, if your labels are to be exposed to harsher environments, we suggest label printing on synthetic materials to ensure durability. Ask about our huge range of stock available including gloss paper, synthetics, fluro paper and clear stocks.

Fanfold Labels

Why fanfold blank labels?

Imagine if you could save several hours each week spent on changing label rolls. Fanfold labels are folded and come in a box, greatly improving your company’s efficiency when dealing with large quantities of labels. The ability to splice the labels together means your production won’t slow down in your manufacturing or logistics department.

We are Focused & committed

As part of BCDS Group, NLP, is focused and committed to providing a personalised service ranging from one single label to large quantities and can substrate and die-cut to any shape. At NLP, we guarantee incomparable, consistent quality for large production runs by sustaining a stable internal environment.

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