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AsTrack: Your secure and easy-to-use asset tracking software

Track and trace your assets within an office, warehouse or store environment with our industry established asset tracking software. Web-based, and leveraging the latest mobile network technologies, AsTrack streamlines your business functions by automating asset management processes. With a choice of technologies that may be implemented, BCDS can provide you with a complete automated barcode or RFID tracking and management solution for your business.

AsTrack Asset Tracking

Cross Platform Solution

Compatible with a range of consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets or weathered mobile devices, AsTrack is a cross platform solution that sets itself apart from its competitors. With mobile capabilities across Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices, your employees will be able to work remotely across a range of devices, positioning your business as innovative.

AsTrack offers the latest in RFID tracking technologies and QR code labels that can be scanned via your smartphone, tablet or RFID Reader offering a complete end to end, turn-key solution for all your asset tracking management needs.

Business benefits

  • Manage every aspect of your asset’s life cycle, from acquisition through disposal.
  • Improve Asset Performance – Track and manage asset availability, and apply maintenance strategies according to an asset’s ‘criticality’ and increase Return on Assets across the entire asset life cycle.
  • Cost control – Balance maintenance costs against replacement costs, reduce unplanned downtime, and identify warranty opportunities and minimise maintenance overtime.
  • Manage Preventative Maintenance – AsTrack can generate planned maintenance work orders for individual assets or asset rounds.
  • Accurate Audit and Reporting Tool – Changes to selected database tables can be tracked.

Can I get a demo or trial before purchase?

Please contact us to request an online demo with one of our AsTrack specialists or to request a trial account.

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