Heat Transfer Digital Printing

Heat Transfer Digital Printing

The heat transfer printing industry has changed dramatically in recent years with companies requiring economical, full colour labels for short job runs. Traditional processes of heat transfers has become heavier on the wallets of promotional product suppliers as they opt for a more flexible alternative. As one of the first to provide digital heat transfer printing services in Australia, NLP established themselves as pioneers in digital solutions.

What is Digital Heat Transfer?

By applying heat and pressure onto the tissue paper with wax coating, the digitally printed image or graphic will become embedded into the product once the wax has melted off the paper. Your exact logo or image can be replicated each time due to the benefits of digital printing.


One of Australia’s leading paint suppliers has discovered the benefits of heat transfer labels, partnering up with NLP to print their safety messages onto their metal containers. Any potential rusting and safety issues are eliminated, as the message remains visibly clear overtime despite extreme environments.

Product Identification

Product Identification

As high volumes of goods are being transported around the world, the process of tracking and recording it through the logistics chain has become an integral part of a business’s operations. During the manufacturing process, each product is marked with an array of information such as barcodes, serial number, use-by-date and price.

NLP are at the forefront of digital printing technologies, focused on simplifying this process through heat transfer label printing. Due to its ability to be printed on different media and durability, thermal transfer printing has become one of the most extensively used printing services for product identification.

At NLP, we are dedicated to providing the following:

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