Epson Range Of Printers

Epson Printers were formed in 1975 with the successful launch of the EP–101 printer — the world’s first miniature digital printer. This printer soon conquered the electronic desktop calculator market and went on to gain use in a number of other applications, putting the nascent Epson brand on the map. The history of this product, however, can actually be traced back to the 1964, when, trading under different name within the Seiko group, Epson developed a printing timer for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Since that time, Epson has continued to develop ground–breaking products such as the world’s first hand–held computer the HX–20 in 1982, the world’s first 720dpi colour inkjet printer in 1994 and the world’s first backside addition eyeglass lens in 1997, a development of which was awarded the Universal Design Prize at the Good Design Awards in Japan in 2004.

Today, Epson Australia offers customers reliable imaging products that are suited to everyday and office use. Boasting high print speeds, high resolution and high yield cartridges, Epson printers, Epson projectors and Epson ink help keep productivity high at home and at 

Epson POS Printers

Epson-Leading the Way in Innovative POS Printing Technology

Epson is committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective products that make your business run more efficiently. Our advanced POS solutions have become mission-critical for bringing advanced technology and robust, value-added functionality to POS systems.

Epson Mobile Printers

Ideal for retail, food and logistics service, the Epson TM-P mobile receipt printer offers the fastest printing in its class, unmatched battery life and the connectivity options needed to meet the requirements of today’s iOS, Android and Windows printing applications.


Epson Accessories and Warranties

Purchase batteries and extended warranties to suit the Epson range of printers. 

Printers do not malfunction all that often. But when they do, be sure to have a valid warranty! Get extra protection for your Epson printer by purchasing an extended Epson printer warranty

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