Omni-ID - Reliable Inventory & Asset tracking Solutions

Intelligent tagging, tracking, and monitoring of assets, equipment, personnel or processes, wherever data must be transmitted and trusted.

Omni-ID for when you are looking for active tagging, passive RFID or custom tag hardware. Ingenious, powerful and robust IoT devices that can deliver data across the latest communications technologies? You’ve come to the right place. Reliable, connected environments with end-to-end asset management, in-process visibility and real-time control of individual assets are now a cost-effective reality.

Whether the application is private or public sector, within manufacturing, construction, logistics, utilities, warehousing, or defence, we’re forging ahead, complementing our core products with high-quality engineering innovation. It’s in the name: Omni-ID, identification and monitoring of any and all assets, for you or your customers.

Omni-ID IQ

Omni-ID IQ RFID Labels

Omni-ID IQ labels are our core range of low-profile and printable on-metal RFID labels — great for tracking IT assets in datacentres and offices, including office computers and equipment such as furniture or small returnable transport items (RTIs).

Omni-ID Fit RFID Tags

Need an asset management solution that can withstand high temperatures yet fit into small or narrow spaces? We have a range that’s FIT for purpose.

FIT 220
Exo 2000

Omni-Id Exo RFID Tags

When the going gets tough, try our rugged Exo range. True to their name, Omni-ID Exo tags provide the durability of an encased RFID tag in a small footprint, for harsh environments. In fact, we’d go so far as to say (modestly, of course) that they’re the most rugged passive tags on the market.

Omni-ID Flex RFID Tags

The Flex range provides more ruggedization than standard on-metal labels and includes both global and regional options. The Flex labels combine long read ranges with a small low-profile form factor and also now come in clear encased options where medium level protection is required but the label print still needs to be visible/readable.

Omni-ID Sense Passive RFID Tags

As a leading provider of asset tracking RFID tags we are always improving and developing our products. The latest evolution to include temperature and moisture sensors has created solutions that bring real benefits – some that save time, some that save maintenance and even some that save lives.

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