POLYtij Thermal Inkjet

POLYtij thermal inkjet printers provide a complete range including single and multiple print head variations as well as hand-held printers with scanners covering most industrial coding solutions. The POLYtij printer range are designed for ease of use with intuitive menus for factory operators, low maintenance and flexibility while being highly cost effective.

What sets POLYtij apart from the competition?

Polymer thermal inkjet technology is unique. It is the only TIJ 1.0 and TIJ 2.5 thermal inkjet ink containing polymer resins. Like other printing technologies such as continuous inkjet (CIJ) and Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) it is the polymer resin that offers the high adhesion on glass, metal, and most plastics used in the fast-moving consumer goods market.

POLYtij inks offer superior adhesion of more than 50+ rubs on most substrates whilst offering long production ready times. This means our inks offer the best ink delivery volume of any nonporous cartridge in the market today, maximising your production uptime.


POLYtij Thermal Inkjet

         Single Printhead

         Double Printhead

POLYtij Thermal Inkjet
POLYtij Thermal Inkjet

              IP65 Printer

             Multi Printhead

       S-34 Combo Printer

         Handheld Printer

POLYtij Perfecta Limitless Plus and Barcode Inks

Unlike competitor HP and Funal inks, POLYtij PERFECTA Plus and Barcode HP thermal inkjet inks eliminate human intervention that causes factory operators to break cartridges due to the daily handling of them when removing them at the end of the workday, so that they do not dry out and re-insert them the next day.

Regular daily insertion of the cartridges inside the printhead has the potential to damage the connecting pins, in egg manufacturers, for example, who only work a few hours in the morning and so not use the machine again until the next day, POLYtij PERFECTA inks are the ideal choice as no handling is required.

POLYtij PERFECTA BARCODE and POLYtij PERFECTA Limitless Plus inks offer superior printability and are the first print perfect after 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 8 hour, 24 hour and 72 hour shutdowns.

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