Impinj Antenna Cable SMA to R-TNC

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Impinj Antenna Cable SMA to R-TNC

Use this quality Impinj Antenna cable for connecting RFID antennas to the Impinj RFID Readers.

What’s Included:

  • RFID Antenna Cable  – RP-TNC Male to SMA Male

Note: This cable is meant for use with Impinj Guardwall, Mini-Guardrail, MatchBox, and Threshold antennas. Use with other readers may result in signal degradation.


Antenna Cable Selection

The type of RFID antenna cable you need depends on a few key factors:

  • the length of cable required (from the reader to the antenna),
  • the read range desired (from the antenna to the RFID tag), and
  • the gain of the antenna being used.

Length and Rating

Unfortunately the longer the cable, the greater the loss in power. Combat that loss by using a better-insulated, higher rated cable (see cable loss chart below). The downside to using a higher rated cable is that they are thicker, more expensive and often harder to work with due to reduced flexibility than a lower rated thinner cable.

If the desired read range is relatively short (only a few centimetres to a metre), you may still be able to use a lower rated cable, but to maximize read range, you’ll need to use a higher rated cable.

Lastly, when choosing a cable, you need to consider the gain of the RFID antenna you are using. All things being equal (i.e. reader power setting, cable length and rating, RFID tag being used), using a lower gain antenna (e.g. 5 dBic) vs. a higher gain antenna (e.g. 9 dBic) will always see a reduction in read range, which is why the gain of the antenna is important as it can impact the type of cable you need in order to achieve the required read range and results.

Cable Loss

Below is a Cable Loss Table showing you the loss per cable depending on length and LMR rating.

Compatible with

Impinj Matchbox RFID Antenna

Impinj Mini-Guardrail RFID Antenna – Indoor

More Info – Link to Manufacturers website

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