Impinj GPIO Adapter – For use with Speedway Revolution

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Impinj GPIO Adapter – For use with Speedway Revolution


The Impinj GPIO Adapter allows for the simultaneous control of up to four Impinj Speedway Antenna Hubs per one Impinj Speedway Revolution R420 Reader. Each hub supports up to 8 antennas for a maximum of 32 antennas per Speedway R420 (4 hubs/R420 x 8 antennas/hub). This GPIO Adapter is also compatible with the Impinj Speedway R120 Reader and the Impinj Speedway R220 Reader (reader must be updated for Firmware version 7.6). One single Impinj R120 reader can be upgraded to eight antenna ports and one single R220 reader can be upgraded to sixteen antenna ports when used in combination with the a Speedway Antenna Hub and GPIO adapter.


Impinj reader accessories expand RAIN RFID use cases

Impinj provides reader accessories that include antenna hubs and antennas. The antenna hubs enable partner solutions to easily connect up to 32 antennas to a single Impinj RAIN RFID reader. The antennas connect to RAIN RFID readers, with or without an antenna hub, and come in an assortment of sizes and enclosures to support proximity, specialized, and distance read zones.

Connect every thing with features that support diverse applications



Impinj antenna hubs connect up to 32 antennas for each Impinj reader

Easy to deploy

Impinj antenna hubs offer simple mounting options and active LEDs for system-level feedback

Cable efficient

The Impinj R700 antenna hub lowers installation costs with only one cable for power, controlling RF output, and carrying the RF signal

Industry-leading performance, wherever you are

Impinj antennas are suitable for high-performance use cases—whether indoor or outdoor, in tight spaces or across long distances

Broad portfolio of device options

Impinj antennas support a variety of solutions—whether identifying tags in tight proximity or across long-range distances

Global performance, globally supported

FCC, ETSI, and globally supported products available


Link to – Impinj Speedway Revolution R420 RFID Reader – GX3

More Info – Link to Manufacturers website

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