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BCDS can help improve your business performance whilst reducing cost of resources with an RFID Solution that is suitable to your business requirements.

SensThys SensRF-101

Aesthetically pleasing, with a slim profile, the SensThy’s SensRF®-101 blends into office or commercial environments, yet is tough enough to be used in warehouses and production lines (IP68).

  • Slim Profile RFID Antenna with attractive aesthetics for ceiling, wall and shelf mounting (10 X 10 X 0.85 inches)
  • Gain of 9.0dBic with low VSWR and read range of up to 10m / 30 ft under normal operating conditions
  • High performance & rugged design
  • IP68 rating for permanent outdoor use & industrial applications (submersible in water for up to 30 min at 1.5m)
  • Mounting options include flush mount or optional VESA 100mm studded mount bracket



The new SensArray Enterprise readers combine one of the strongest, fastest UHF passive RFID readers with an integrated 8.5dBic antenna in a svelte attractive 10” x 10” form-factor.

  • Powerful native security
  • Native EPIC
  • Native passive sensor support
  • 4-in, 4-out powered GPIO
  • Industry-leading 33 dBm power
  • Integrated antenna with 3 additional ports
  • Integrated PoE switch




The new SensX EXTREME rugged reader is SensThys’ highest performance RFID reader enclosed in the industry’s highest rated IP67 industrial and weather-tight chassis for harsh environments.

Extreme  includes:

  • High performance RFID reader
  • Complete Linux subsystem
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • IP67 Rated
  • Operating range of -40C to 55C
  • HERO certification (MIL STD 810)

Please note, this reader is not currently available as an ETSI model.



Impinj Portal

Impinj xPortal

Impinj’s Speedway xPortal solves the size and mounting limitations of traditional portals with a light-weight, low-profile unit that is as attractive as it is effective. Its compact form is unobtrusive, streamlined, and ultimately flexible, yet delivers better performance than larger, more costly industrial-scale portals. Designed for retail, office, hospital, and other indoor environments, the Speedway xPortal reader is ideal for monitoring tagged items, pallets, equipment, files, or people passing through doorways, hallways, or other zonal coverage areas.
Impinj xArray


The Impinj xArray gateway is a fixed infrastructure RAIN RFID reader system that provides always-on, wide-area monitoring, location, and determines x-y location and tracks item movement along two axis. Designed for large-scale, item-level applications in retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, the xArray gateway provides real-time Item Intelligence events including an item’s identity, location, and movement. Improve customer service, increase employee productivity, and make better business decisions.

Impinj xSpan


The Impinj xSpan gateway is a fixed-infrastructure RAIN RFID reader system that reduces business operational costs and maximizes sales through constant, accurate inventory visibility. Installs overhead or on walls to automatically monitor items within a rectangular space for always-on connectivity and Monitor inventory and track item movement along a single axis (directional reading).

ELATEC TWN4 Multi Reader

Elatec’s TWN4 Family allows users to read and write to almost any 125kHz/134.2kHz and 13.56MHz tags and/or labels. It supports all major transponders from various suppliers like ATMEL, EM, ST, NXP, TI, HID, LEGIC, INSIDE etc. and ISO standards like ISO14443A/B including layer 4 (T=CL), ISO15693, ISO18092 / ECMA-340 (NFC). The new generation is a direct enhancement to the successful TWN3 family as it comes in the same mechanical dimensions (OEM PCB and Desktop Housing). All host communication can be done via USB, RS232 or serial TTL interface.

Wavetrend RX210 Reader

The popular RX210 – RS485 / RS232 Readers detect Wavetrend’s Activ and ActivDuo ranges of active RFID tags. This remotely configurable reader connects to the host PC, edge server or intelligent hardware controller via RS232, RS485 or TTL and can be used singly, or networked together. It offers a connection for an external antenna. Wavetrend recommends the Inteeligent power supply be used to power RX210 reader networks.

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