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After years of endeavour, SAG forges itself as the synonym of quality RFID transponders ranging from LF, HF, to UHF. Their product portfolio spans from Cards, Keyfobs, Tags, Labels to NFC sensor-enabled items. SAG products help echo the voices of demand from all sectors to make our life, work and play more convenient. They also create transponders for your unique and specialized purpose in the new application scope—IoT and Industry 4.0. Each product category involves our experience, knowledge and advanced technique to shape your concept into a real thing. SAG prove themselves in Access Control, Healthcare, Automation, Logistic, Industrial, Entertainment, and NFC with customers worldwide. Besides the conventional RFID transponders, they work with clients in their project-based application from initiating to closing phase. To get this done, they blend their knowledge in material science, electrical engineering understanding, and experience in production process. SAG specialise in miniaturization, RF fine tuning, on-metal reading, roll-to-roll metal label, and high temperature PET card. Providing value-added services such as personalization by thermal transfer printing or encoding of the widely used chips. SAG is your one-stop shop for RFID transponders.

SAG Labels


SAG offer a wide range of UHF RAIN RFID labels to suit most applications and industries. Available in both on-metal and off-metal in a wide variety of chips

Hard RFID Tags

Want to purchase a more long lasting, rugged tag that will stand up to a harsher environment, but don’t have the budget for other brands? Check out the SAG range of hard RFID tags

RFID Wristbands

Browse this great range of RFID wristbands to work with almost any application and budget. Including a range of disposable wristbands.

Access Control

Browse the SAG range of key fobs and access control cards to find the right fit for your solution.

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