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TSC Printers are a leading manufacturer and have sold more than five million printers worldwide.

They pride themselves on dedicated product and engineering support and our ability to tailor solutions to fit unique printing needs for all our customers, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

TSC Printronix Auto ID is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative thermal printing solutions. TSC Auto ID offers budget-friendly desktop printers to high-performance industrial solutions including rugged mobile printers. Printronix Auto ID offers premium, enterprise-level applications with a selection of high-end features including RFID encoding and integrated barcode verification.

Printers - Mobile

TSC Mobile Printers

Print receipts and labels on the go and on-demand. Our small, lightweight, and rugged mobile printers with long battery life are made to last the entire workday and efficiently print at the point of application to reduce downtime and increase production. Their mobile printers are capable of printing linerless labels that help reduce waste and boost productivity. A full line of accessories is available.

TSC Desktop Printers

TSC manufacture one of the largest selections of desktop printers on the market. Designed to the highest quality standards, our desktop printers are also budget-friendly and customizable to adapt to a wide variety of industries and applications. Their desktop printers come standard with premium features like high-resolution, RFID, and remote printer management.

Printers - Desktop
TSC Printers - Industrial

TSC Industrial Printers

TSC Performance industrial printer selection is built for high-performance and high-volume printing. With some of their fastest print speeds and premium printhead technology, these Performance industrial thermal printers deliver high-quality, crisp and clear labels for nearly any industrial printing application. These industrial printers come enhanced with features like colourful LCD displays, multiple resolutions, and extensive communication options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

TSC RFID Printers

TSC RFID printers offer solutions for a wide range of applications from enterprise-level desktop printers to high-volume industrial printers. Offering high-performance features, including 4-inch and 6-inch print widths, the ability to print on standard RFID labels and on-metal tags and up to 600 dpi for small labels. Printronix Auto ID RFID printers are enhanced to include high-speed encoding, high-memory encoding, and RFID upgrade kits. Our printers are easy to use, easy to calibrate and offer compatibility with PrintNet Enterprise remote printer management software.

TSC Printers - RFID
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